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Invoice factoring for small business

How Long Does It Take to Get Approved for Invoice Factoring?

The approval process for invoice factoring can vary depending on several factors, including the specific factoring company, the complexity of the business and its invoicing system, and the completeness and accuracy of the documentation provided. Generally, the approval timeline can range from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Approval Process For Invoice Factoring

Here is a breakdown of the typical steps involved in the approval process for invoice factoring:

  1. Application Submission: The business submits an application to the factoring company, providing relevant information about the business, its customers, and the invoices to be factored.
  2. Due Diligence: The factoring company conducts a thorough evaluation of the business's creditworthiness, the creditworthiness of its customers, and the validity of the invoices. This process may involve credit checks, verification of outstanding invoices, and analysis of the business's financial stability.
  3. Documentation Review: The factoring company reviews the documentation provided by the business, including invoices, contracts, proof of delivery, and customer details. Accurate and complete documentation expedites the approval process.
  4. Verification and Background Checks: The factoring company verifies the authenticity of the invoices and performs background checks on the business and its customers. This step ensures that the invoices meet the criteria for factoring and that the customers have a reliable payment history.
  5. Agreement Negotiation: Once the due diligence is complete and the application is approved, the factoring company presents an agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the factoring arrangement. The business and the factoring company negotiate and finalize the agreement.
  6. Funding Setup: After the agreement is signed, the factoring company sets up the funding process, which includes establishing the method and frequency of submitting invoices for funding and determining the percentage of the invoice value that will be advanced.

Documents Needed For Invoice Factoring

Common documents that are typically requested during the approval process and that you should prepare beforehand include:

    • Invoices: You will need copies of the invoices you want to factor.. These invoices should be valid and outstanding, indicating that your customers owe you a specific amount.
    • Proof of Delivery or Service Completion: Some factoring companies may require proof that you have delivered the goods or services to your customers. This can include delivery receipts, signed contracts, work orders, or any other documentation that demonstrates completion.
    • Customer Information: You will need to provide information about your customers, including their contact details, payment history, and creditworthiness. 
    • Articles of Incorporation or Business Registration: Proof of your business's legal existence, such as articles of incorporation, business registration documents, or business licenses, may be required.
    • Financial Statements: The factoring company may request financial statements such as profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. 
    • Aging Reports: Aging reports provide an overview of your outstanding invoices, indicating how long each invoice has been unpaid. 
    • Bank Statements: Recent bank statements can provide additional insight into your business's financial transactions, revenue, and cash flow patterns.
    • Tax Returns: The factoring company may ask for your business's tax returns to verify your income and financial history.
    • Identification and Business Ownership Proof: You may be required to provide personal identification documents, such as a driver's license or passport, as well as proof of business ownership, such as partnership agreements or corporate bylaws.
    • Credit Reports: In some cases, the factoring company may request credit reports for your business and its owners or key personnel.


  • Providing accurate and complete documentation will help streamline the approval process and increase your chances of a successful application.We are here to walk you through the process, so reach out today to learn more.

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