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A Deal Worth Celebrating

Midwest Business Funding - A Deal Worth Celebrating: Fast Business Working Capital, How to Get Funded Quickly

Midwest Business Funding has been fortunate enough to help new clients over the last several years to continue to grow even in a challenging world. We share our client’s success stories in hopes of helping others to know of financial resources available that keep small businesses stable and growing. We are a referral-based business meaning our clients come from word of mouth. We are so thankful for our many partners that choose Midwest Business Funding as their referral for funding needs. Let us tell you one of our many success stories:

A business attorney, working closely with a client in the midst of restructuring, was able to see the need for our services and made this connection. We get to help businesses take on big opportunities to help them grow and this was one of those. This business provides highway safety services and they were presented with the opportunity to bid for a job with a large civil highway contractor.
In order to feel confident to put in the bid, they needed some cash on hand for all the expenses to do the job. We were able to start them out with a $50,000 factoring line. They won the bid. This was the beginning of our journey with this highway safety company and as we got to know and trust each other over time. We have been able to grow that financial support to now $100,000 per week for this client.
Their business opportunities have grown immensely over our time working together. When we started, their revenue was just shy of two million and they recently passed the fifteen million mark. This is something worth celebrating!